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Top Rectangle Trampoline- Reviews of the Top Models

 The Trampolines comes in different sizes and shapes, so, if you planning to buy one, first decide the purpose, for what use, are you actually buying a trampoline and according to your use, decide the shape and size. The trampolines of round shape are good for certain things, but if you are looking for a trampoline for high bounces and a larger area to play, the rectangle trampoline is the best option. Rectangular trampolines are higher in prices compare to trampolines of other sizes, but depending on the usage of it, one could say it is totally worth it.


Top rectangular trampolines

 Acon air, Skywalker, and JumpSport are the top 3 rectangular trampolines. The size of Acon air is 16ft x 9ft, it has no weight limit, it is the most durable among the three, but it is heavier than the other two. Skywalker is smaller in size compared to others, it is 15ft x 9ft in size, it does offer the best price, it has a no gap system, but it is not durable compared to others. JumpSport comes with a size of 17ft x 10ft, which makes it the largest among others, it also comes with a 10-year warranty of frame, but it is an expensive buy.


Key Difference in Round and Rectangle Trampoline

The most popular round trampoline is Skywalker. The design of Skywalker is in such a way, that when someone jumps on it, all the springs react together to that jump. This kind of mechanism is good for a controlled even bounce. This also makes sure that the jump is performed at the center because the softest area on the whole of the trampoline is center of it.

The rectangle trampoline works in a different way, each spring of the rectangular trampoline reacts in a different way to each bounce at several times. Due to this, the bounce on it is not controlled, and you get an equal bounce at every end of the trampoline. This gives the freedom to the jumper, to use any area on the trampoline to bounce, it will provide the ultimate bounce.

The rectangle trampolines provide you the freedom, and this freedom of bounce is good for different stunts, trick and, exercise and other trampoline sports. if you have children, it is wise and safe to go for the enclosed rectangle trampoline.

The prices of rectangular trampolines are higher than that of round trampolines, so, if the price is not the issue for the customers, we would endorse rectangle trampoline. The major reason is a surface area available for the jumpers, in rectangle trampoline whole of surface area can be used, but in round trampolines, only the center area can be used for a good bounce. Larger surface area means several kids playing on the trampoline at the same time, which is not possible with round trampolines.


The popularity of Rectangle trampoline

The rectangle trampoline is the only kind of trampolines used in the competition around the world for different sports events. Rectangle trampoline can be found in various gymnastics competition and even Olympic games. The rectangle trampolines are also popular among families with children, who are interested in tumbling, cheerleading, and gymnastics.


What one should look for, in a cheap and quality rectangle trampoline

The built of a rectangular trampoline is really important. A trampoline round in shape is good in providing supports. The rectangle trampoline has less support, especially on its longer sides. This makes it really important that the trampolines are made of metals of higher quality.

The design of a trampoline is also important. The Skywalker rectangle trampoline has four legs which are diagonal to each other, there is some trampoline which has only two legs.

There are rectangle trampolines with only one leg at each end, there are usually armor-plated with braces, from edge to the bottom of the leg or the legs are connected with a double metal tube.

All these trampolines are not better than each other. It depends on your personal preference and also keep an eye on the reviews of rectangular trampoline, not just the expert’s reviews but also consider the public reviews.


Safety precaution

Safety on the trampoline is a matter of concern. The rectangle trampoline, because of the more bounce, it is always advisable to allow one jumper at a time. The round trampoline is a better option if multiple kids want to play at the same time.

Many people also prefer safety nets, especially for a rectangular trampoline, which are used for tricks, and other stunt routines. You also don’t want the children to fall off it while trying some tricks and stunts. If one needs a trampoline for tricks and stunts, having a safety net is always advisable.

to gain more information about rectangle trampoline, before deciding the best one for you, one should always opt for the trampolines, which is used by others. Given below are the three popular rectangle trampolines, that has got the best reviews, the list will surely help you to decide the trampoline.


Best Reviewed Rectangular Trampolines

  • Skywalker: This trampoline is the best known for its stability and safety for the users, galvanized steels and armor-plated t-sockets are used to make it. These materials provide stability to the trampoline. It also comes with a polyethylene net enclosure. The pad used is large and the thickness of it is 1 inch and to provide safety to the jumper, the springs are protected by strengthened with a stretch band. To protect the trampoline from bad weather, the whole trampoline is made of UV resistant People have complained about the shipping and packing of the product.
  • Acon Air: This is the latest trampoline, it is manufactured by the company in Finland. With 16ft x 9ft, this provides the largest surface area, for the jumpers. It is a bit on the higher side when it comes to pricing of it, but considering the quality of trampoline, it is worth the money. The frame is heavy and strong as it is made of galvanized steel, it also gives a 5-year warranty. The trampoline weighs around 500lbs and that shows how well built and rigid the trampoline is. It also has a limit of no weight, for one jumper. If one is looking for a long-lasting and strong trampoline, it is the best option.
  • JumpSport: The trampoline is made using a technology, which is patented, the technology helps the 50% of the springs to react instantly. The technology is used to improve the safety of the jumper. Cold rolled steel is used to make this and it is coated with black powder. The company provides a ten-year It also comes with a UV coating. The weight limit for a single user is 225 lbs, but it can take up to 800 lbs.
  • Bonus- upper Bounce: This trampoline is easy to assemble, it comes with the net at top and bottom. The net is of good quality and will stay for a long time, the mat used is also of high quality, it comes with a stitching up to 8 row. It is durable and has 86 springs, which are UV resistant. Based on the reviews, it is the durable, sturdy and provides a lot of fun.
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