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The 7 best Trampoline brands according to us

Irrespective of the size, trampoline always fall under the category of an asset. They could be used for the entire family and all you want to ensure is that those trampolines add an entertainment value to your surrounding while being long-lasting and secure. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing the quality and should always pursue a trustworthy and highly regarded seller.

We understand your limited timeframe due to routine chores and therefore, we have compiled a list based on the feedback and the measure of each seller out there. The following list consists of outright topmost sellers within the business and some others too that might be of your interest.

Topmost brands for Trampoline

JumpSport Trampolines

JumpSport has been in the business for more than 20 years now and is run and owned by a family who founded it in 1995. It has an interesting story at it backdrop but has a sad theme to it.

The founders of the company, Valerie and Mark Publicover back in the day had a trampoline that was prone to accidents. On a particular day, they heard their kids’ voices demanding to be helped. Mark rushed towards them only to see their friend getting intensely hurt after falling off the trampoline. This trampoline accident was not the first instance that they had come across as their own children have suffered the same many times.

The entire scenario ensured that Mark came up with the idea of designing, what is now called a trampoline enclosure. His motive was not restricted to only its potency in safety but also to ensure that it is economical.

Since then and up to this date, JumpSport has been successful in avoiding injuries to millions of children by giving them a secure enclosure trampoline. The renovation, however, did not stop at that as they have added better safety features in jumping mats and beds to safeguard the user from jump injuries via shock.

Safeguarding is our easiest answer to the question of why does this company feature on this list. Their primary importance has always been to protect and will continue to be. With elegant designs of net enclosures and impact injury prevention jumping mat, you would have to seriously dig deep to come up with a seller that can offer securer trampoline.

Being immune to injuries is the highest on the priority list and we understand why irrespective of the fact of who will be using the equipment. The effects of the suffering caused due to trampoline could be intense, and therefore, it is advisable to pursue immunity over cure.

Unsurprisingly, the brand is also termed as the safest trampoline in the world. Thus, it is inevitable that JumpSport has made it to our suggested list for people seeking a safe and entertaining equipment.

Skywalker Trampolines

Just the way JumpSport was incited by the idea of safety, Skywalker Trampolines too have the same core value to their brand of providing an enriching experience with protection against injury. They have been in the market for more than 10 years (founded in 2004), and offer a wide range of commodities from enclosures and games to trampolines keeping the kids involved in physical activity.

They have their enclosure trampolines patented and following are the ways they ensure the safety-

  • The base of the fenced-in area interlocks to the hopping base utilizing a catch opening element.
  • This one of a kind catch opening component is situated on the jumping mat at every V-ring.

This feature, therefore, does away with any openings and makes threading ropes redundant. Consequently, with no gaps, the area where kids jump automatically becomes safer. They also utilize a T-joint at the fenced-in connection and frame apart from every leg. This effectuates a better balance by doing away with the probability of twist in the trampoline.

Skywalker has all the sizes you would need such as 8 inches or 12 inches to go with the shape of your choice. This makes it a customer favorite brand too as it has something for everyone’s needs. An additional feature that stands out amongst other trampolines is the strongly weaved mesh that provides complete prevention against getting stuck or climbing up by a kid.

This is our next best advice as all the products of Skywalker satisfy the regulations set by ASTM.

Other companies that might interest you

We have been pretty straightforward with our top two picks i.e.  JumpSport and Skywalker but there are other brands that you can take into consideration, too.

Springfree Trampolines

This brand has the most novel idea in the world of trampolines. Springfree Trampolines have no springs (obvious giveaway is their name). Absolutely none.

Dr. Keith Alexander spent 15 years of his life to make his idea a reality and is rightfully called the safest in the world. He focused on the general most points on the trampoline that have the maximum possibility of injuring someone and renovated the complete design.

The conventional metal spring creates an injury prone environment as the skin could be pinched. Springfree trampoline uses composite rods that are malleable and placed below the surface to avoid contacts and still creating a bounce.

Accompanying those rods below the surface is a frame and therefore, a person never gets in contact with that, either. However, the enclosure called ‘flexinet’ does bend with the person but does away with the problem of them falling off. The user does not have to worry about the metal pole that holds up the enclosure as their probability of hitting them is dropped down to zero.

In 2003, Springfree trampolines sold their first product in New Zealand. The brand has only seen an upward trend in terms of recognition as in USA and Canada, it was honored with the award for product of the year in 2010. Nowadays, it is available around the globe.

If a novel design is what you are seeking, Springfree trampolines should be on the top of your list.

Exacme Trampolines

This is quite a famous company and is also in the business of supplying housing and garden commodities. Exacme trampolines make it to the list because of their cheap quality products with a high-class performance.

Almost every product has safety features to prevent injuries alongside the securer mats and enclosure.

Ultega Jumper

Ultega Jumper is a prime company is providing products for recreational activities. The trampolines from Ultega come with an affordable price tag and is convenient to put together. Their trampolines come with the safety feature of the enclosure and are strong due to U-shaped legs.

It is on our list solely because of the aforementioned features because you will not find a variety of products. Ultega Jumper is cheap and safe and therefore, worth considering.

Pure Fun

As the name suggests, their trampolines are fun. Pure Fun is owned by Pure Global Brands, Inc and they prioritize entertainment and safety over other aspects on all their products. They offer a wide range to choose from based on the size of the trampolines to its place within the house.

We have put it on the list because of this very feature. We love how they sell trampolines for little children while simultaneously selling equally safe big trampolines irrespective of the age of the user.

Upper Bounce

Upper Bounce is dedicated to supplying good quality trampolines, accessories, and part with the prime focus on bringing security feature to the entertainment-based trampolines. You can get all of this for a low price.

They have been receiving great reviews but the only drawback is that not much is known about the company or its commodities. We, however, have loved using the product. So, if you need a good quality, cheap and sturdy products, we highly suggest you go for Upper Bounce.


The market is full of sellers of trampolines but our list has the bests that you can choose from. All of the brands are trustworthy and it is a guarantee that the brands will provide trampoline that will be secure, economical and strongly built.

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